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CME 03/08/2017 – Giving Feeback

Something educational – how to give feedback from SCGH ED CME Here is Dan’s talk on “Something Educational” – How to give feedback.

CME 27/07/2017- Wound Assessment and Products

Wound assessment and products from SCGH ED CME Here is Nicole Walsh’s (NP Wound Management) talk on general wound assessment and the wound care products we currently have available at SCGH.   Resources: Previous similar CME talks: Wound Care Products…
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CME 27/07/2017 – Lung Ultrasound

Lung ultrasound from SCGH ED CME Here is James’ lung ultrasound talk from SMACC 2017. Unfortunately, the conversion to the archived, slideshare, version of this talk has resulted in many dynamic examples of image findings being static. This does limit…
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CME 20/07/2017 – Approach to Anaemia in the ED

Approach to Anaemia in the ED from SCGH ED CME Here is Sinead’s talk on the approach to anaemia.   Resources: Anemia in the Emergency Department: Evaluation and Treatment. Janz TG, Johnson RL, Rubenstein SD. Emergency Medicine Practice. 2013;15(11):1-16. Major…
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