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CME 10/08/2017 – Airway Ultrasound

Airway ultrasound from SCGH ED CME Ultrasound confirmation of endotracheal tube placement from SCGH ED CME Here are the two talks on airway ultrasound concerning the identification of the cricothyroid membrane and confirming ETT placement.

CME 03/08/2017 – Vertigo

Vertigo from SCGH ED CME Here is Emma’s talk on vertigo. Thankyou to Brodie for coming in to demonstrate some therapeutic techniques used by our fantastic Care Coordination Team.   Resources: Vertigo Diagnostic Table developed by Bronwyn Kaiser (CCT):  …
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CME 03/08/2017 – Giving Feeback

Something educational – how to give feedback from SCGH ED CME Here is Dan’s talk on “Something Educational” – How to give feedback.