NMHS Patient Flow Process to access a Mental Health Bed

Here is the NMHS Patient Flow Process to access a Mental Health Bed. This process should be followed by CMH staff transferring patients for mental health assessment / admission.

It does appear that our inclusion in this flow process appears redundant, as it is noted that, in the common case that there are no acute beds, that all patients deemed unsuitable for community management will end up in an ED regardless of our input (as per the bottom section of the flow diagram)! Still, it’s nice to be included, and will hopefully atleast make us aware of transfers. MHERL = Mental Health Emergency Response Line  – This service is available 24 hours a day:
Metro callers 1300 555 788 (local call)
Peel callers 1800 676 822 (free call)

Visio-NMHS Updated Bedflow Chart 260314

Useful Phone Numbers:

  • North Metro Mental Health Patient Flow Coordinator (7am – 5pm) – 0406402829
  • Graylands Hospital Admissions Coordinator (24/7) – 0410645918
  • WACHS Mental Health Patient Flow Coordinator (?variable daylight hours) – 0429570423

Date implemented – 3/2014
Review date – ASAP
Author – NMHS

Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

Emergency Physician, SCGH, WA, Australia

Articles: 500

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