Airway Orientation Resources

SCGH Specific Resources:

SCGH ED Airway Trolley Orientation (Old)
SCGH ED Airway Trolley Orientation
SCGH ED Airway Trolley (New)
ED Difficult Airway Algorithm
ED Surgical Airway Algorithm
ED Intubation Checklist
COVID ED Intubation Checklist
ED Useful Intubation References – for Drug Doses & Ventilator Settings (see enlarged update below)
Initial Ventilator Settings
Predicted Body Weight and Tidal Volume Chart
ED Post-intubation Checklist
COVID ED Post-intubation Checklist
ED Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI) Guideline
Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI) Guidelines
Surgical Airway Algorithm
Vortex Airway Algorithm


Here is a comprehensive series of videos by A/Prof James Rippey on how to optimise your patients preoxygenation prior to intubation:

1. Introduction to pre oxygenation and apnoeic oxygenation in Emergency Medicine:
2. Basic respiratory physiology required for understanding preoxygenation:
3. Optimal patient positioning in preoxygenation:
4. Preoxygenation and apnoea oxygenation using nasal prongs and non rebreather mask:
5. Nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal sizing and insertion:
6. How to use CPAP, BVM and PEEP valve with nasal prongs in pre oxygenation and apnoeic oxygenation:
7. Suxamethonium vs rocuronium, cricoid pressure:

How to optimise your patient’s preoxygneation, and maximise your intubation time!

  • Patient position
  • Nasal prongs
  • NRBM
  • BVM and PEEP valve
  • NIV and CPAP

To remind you of the benefits of using nasal cannula delivered oxygen at 15L/min during the apnoeic period, here is a good summary of Apnoeic Oxygenation by Chris Nickson LITFL with a link to the evidence presented by Levitan and Weingart

ACEM Resources:

Laryngoscopy / Epiglottoscopy:

Surgical Airway:

Videos by Dr Andrew Heard – Updated 12/2013

These videos have been blocked from playing in embedded format on external webpages. To watch all these videos, and others, here is Dr Andrew Heard’s Youtube Channel, or you can click on the youtube link for each video below.

Vortex Approach to Airway Management:

Vortex approach to airway management website

Introduction to VORTEX
VORTEX in action

Hamilton T1 Ventilator Resources:

Paediatric Airway:

ED Airway Registry Documentation:

Here is a copy of the Airway registry form now found on the difficult airway trolley. This should be filled out for all intubations in the ED:

Airway Registry Documentation
ED Airway Registry Form pg1
ED Airway Registry Form pg2

Here is a link to

Airway Registry RSI Checklist:
Airway registry RSI Algorithm:
RSI algorithm

Date implemented – 10/2013
Last edited – 02/2020
Author – James Rippey, James Wheeler, others as above


  1. Dear Dr James Rippey and Dr James Wheeler,

    I am doing a Quality Improvement Project on RSI and Airway management outside the theatre environment and am an emergency medicine higher trainee.
    As long as I adequately acknowledge yourself would you mind if I used some of your resources to incorporate into our SOP and guidelines to improve safety of RSI and airway management outside of theatres.

    • Sorry for the delay in reply. I have spoken with Dr Rippey and we are both happy for you to use the published resources with appropriate acknowledgement.

      James Wheeler

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