Core Knowledge (Intern / RMO) Teaching


  • Every Thursday, 15:00 – 18:00, ED Seminar Room


  • Rostered interns and RMO’s for that afternoon and any others that wish to attend


  • The aim of this program is to cover various, common or important, “core knowledge” topics related to the practice of Emergency Medicine during your term
  • Each week one of the topics is assigned to two of the intern/RMO’s group that are available for that day.
  • The presenters prepare a presentation related to that topic for the intern/RMO group for that day
  • Presenters for that week should contact the Emergency Consultant that is assigned to mentor and supervise that session the week prior to the presentation, to seek advice on presenting the assigned topic
  • Note: For those who are leaving patients in the ED to attend this session, it is essential that you make sure that you have a senior doctor that is aware of the patients Mx plan assigned to the patient on EDIS,  prior to the start of the session

Core Knowledge (Intern / RMO) Teaching Timetable:

  • Pending…

Core Knowledge (Intern / RMO) Teaching Resources

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