Ultrasound – Where do I start?

So you want to do some ultrasound scanning! Here are some things you should know before picking up a probe:

Ultrasound Policies:


We highly recommend that you read these and try to achieve ACEM level accreditation to perform EFAST & AAA bedside ultrasounds while you have access to several highly credentialed ultrasound trained Emergency Physicians while at SCGH ED.


 Training Options:


These are printable pdf versions of logbooks for cataloguing your AAA & EFAST scans to meet the ACEM accreditation requirements (courtesy of Ultrasound Village)

Individual Ultrasound Forms:

The individual versions of the logbook forms from Ultrasound Village for documenting your bedside ultrasounds

And some more for accredited advanced users…

Looking after the Ultrasound Probe:

This video, courtesy of the Sono Cave, describes:

  • How and when to use an ultrasound probe cover
  • How to clean the transducer after day to day use
  • It also touches on how the probe should be cleaned if it comes in contact with bodily fluids

Basic Ultrasound Physics:

Ultrasound Machine Setup & Scanning Technique

Vascular Access


Transverse (out of plane / short access) IVC insertion

Longitudinal  (in plane / long access) IVC insertion

Other Useful Videos:

Ultrasound Podcast on peripheral IVC placement:

Ultrasound Podcast on central line placement:

 Society for Academic Emergency Medicine –  Academy of Emergency US Video Lectures (more here):


EFAST Video Lecture – Courtesy of Ultrasound Village’s Adrian Goudie


AAA Video Lecture – Courtesy of Ultrasound Village’s Adrian Goudie

Lung Ultrasound

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