Ultrasound – Where do I start?

So you want to do some ultrasound scanning! Here are some things you should know before picking up a probe:

Ultrasound Policies:


We highly recommend that you read these and try to achieve ACEM level accreditation to perform EFAST & AAA bedside ultrasounds while you have access to several highly credentialed ultrasound trained Emergency Physicians while at SCGH ED.


 Training Options:


These are printable pdf versions of logbooks for cataloguing your AAA & EFAST scans to meet the ACEM accreditation requirements (courtesy of Ultrasound Village)

Individual Ultrasound Forms:

The individual versions of the logbook forms from Ultrasound Village for documenting your bedside ultrasounds

And some more for accredited advanced users…

Looking after the Ultrasound Probe:

This video, courtesy of the Sono Cave, describes:

  • How and when to use an ultrasound probe cover
  • How to clean the transducer after day to day use
  • It also touches on how the probe should be cleaned if it comes in contact with bodily fluids

Basic Ultrasound Physics:

Ultrasound Machine Setup & Scanning Technique

Vascular Access

Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Intravenous Vascular Access Online Course Videos (by Dr James Rippey):
  • This is a comprehensive course designed to ensure the learner acquires the knowledge they need to safely and effectively perform ultrasound guided peripheral intravenous access whenever it is indicated. It is for medical professionals only.
  • Trainees work through the lectures and complete quizzes to ensure they understand the key concepts. A certificate of completion can be downloaded.
  • Ideally candidates then attend a workshop to practice their new skill, honing the complex and multidimensional visuomotor and visuospatial skills required before moving on to patients. 
  • A practical competence-based assessment ensures the trainee has reached an acceptable level of understanding and ability.


EFAST Video Lecture – Courtesy of Ultrasound Village’s Adrian Goudie


AAA Video Lecture – Courtesy of Ultrasound Village’s Adrian Goudie

Lung Ultrasound

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