CME Teaching


  • Every Thursday, 08:15 – 10:45, ED Seminar Room


  • All registrars rostered on for that morning and all others available
  • Available ED consultants
  • Other senior clinicians


  • The Continuing Medical Education (CME ) program at SCGH ED is intended to explore the current literature and emerging concepts in Emergency Medicine, while also allowing the consolidation of core principles and the learning/maintenance of some essential procedural skills
  • These sessions act as an open forum to have productive discussions regarding the art, and science, of emergency medical practice
  • Each CME session usually comprises of 3-4 ~20-30min presentations, plus a brief break and quiz (ECG, VBG, other…), however presentation duration will vary with topic
  • The content of these sessions will often mirror the topics for Part 2 (and some Part 1) FACEM teaching that follows this session, however, will also include other relevant topics
  • Other CME Content includes:
    • Airway workshop (1 per 6/12)
    • Trauma Scenario (1/month)
    • Mortality & Morbidity Review (1/month)
    • Radiology Sessions (1/month)
    • Social media / FOAM workshop (1 per 6/12)
    • Registrar topic choice (every 5 weeks)
    • Toxicology core knowledge
    • Critical care ultrasound core knowledge
    • Emergency medicine outside the tertiary hospital
  • Presentations are prepared by emergency (and other specialty) consultants & registrars, aswell as relevant allied health staff

 What you need to know:

  • Check the CME timetable here for when you are rostered on a Thursday day shift to see if you have been assigned a presentation
  • Arrive on time
  • All presenters:
    • If you are a registrar, you will also be assigned a consultant mentor, whom you should contact at least a week prior to your presentation for advice on topic presentation
    • Are asked to present well researched content in the allotted timeframe
    • Must include references for your presentation
    • Place their talk within the folder labelled CME 20xx on the desktop of the seminar computer for upload to the CME presentation archive
  • All registrars are expected to attend as many CME sessions as possible during their term
  • Here will be some advice on “How to give a presentation


CME Presentation Archives

CME Teaching Timetable:

CME – This Week
CME – Upcoming Timetable