SCGH ED General Orientation Resources:

  • SCGH ED Guidebook – updated 12/2023
    • A repository of all the useful information necessary for working in the SCGH Emergency Department
  • SCGH ED Clinical Guidelines
    • A page containing SCGH specific guidelines that are relevant to the Emergency Department, listed by Specialty and Topic.
  • Education Programs
    • Here you will find links to the various intradepartmental education programs that include the relevant times, venues, description and timetables
  • Airway Orientation Resources
    • This link contains some SCGH ED specific, and some nonspecific, airway resources in the form of videos / checklists / guidelines
  • Obstetrics Orientation Resources
    • SCGH ED specific obstetrics resources in the form of short videos to help you prepare for the occasional emergent ED delivery and neonatal resuscitation
  • SCGH ED Chest Pain Pathways
    • Includes:
      • SCGH Code STEMI Protocol
      • SCGH Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Assessment and Treatment Algorithm (with explanatory video by Assoc Prof James Rippey)
      • SCGH ED Chest Pain Discharge Advice Sheet (for the low risk ACS group)

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