CME Presentations Archive

Here is a searchable archive of worthy CME presentations:

2018-08-23Trauma Team RolesLee
2018-08-23Haemostatic ResuscitationHo
2018-08-16Physiology guided CPRGomes
2018-08-16Utility of US in Cardiac ArrestTaylor
2018-08-02Palliative Care Symptom Management in The Emergency DepartmentCheng
2018-08-02US confirmation of ETT PlacementWheeler
2018-07-26Wilderness Crisis and Decision Making Weekend April 2018Ahern-Flynn
2018-07-26Patient Confidentiality in EDVlad
2018-07-19Abscess ManagementSmith
2018-07-12Electrical InjuryQuo
2018-07-12Hyperthermia and hypothermiaWatson
2018-07-05Clinical DocumentationSharon Linton (clinical coding)
2018-06-28Paediatric RashesPixley
2018-06-14Choosing Wisely: Rational antibiotic prescribingMatt Skinner (ID)
2018-06-07Emergency OphthalmologyKitty Shakur (Ophthalmology)
2018-06-07What's Hot in EM June 2018Morris
2018-05-17Disaster Mx in the EDCampos / Morris
2018-05-17Physician BurnoutMorris
2018-05-10Immune Check Point Inhibitors and Their Side-EffectsQuo
2018-04-26Intercostal Catheter InsertionFulford
2018-04-26Acute Scrotal PainConnelly
2018-04-19NIV Indications and SettingsCheng
2018-04-12Emergency PsychiatryAnne O'Sullivan (Psych)
2018-04-12What's Hot in EM April 2018Morris
2018-04-05Evidence for Mechanical CPR DevicesSmith
2018-03-22Haemostatic ResuscitationFonseka
2018-03-22Approach to CT Head ImagingFan Zhang (Radiology Fellow)
2018-03-08Syncope and the ECGPixley
2018-03-08ECG AnalysisWatson
2018-03-01Optomising Team PerformanceCassidy
2018-03-01Paediatric Minor TraumaBaker
2018-02-15Procedural SedationWinton
2018-02-15Practical Prescribing GuideDanny Soo
2018-02-08Wound ManagementPocock
2018-02-08Thrombectomy in Stroke: DAWN and DEFUSE3 Trial DataLeith
2018-02-08CME Intro 2018.1Wheeler
2017-07-20Immunotherapy - promises and pitfallsLydia Warburton (Oncology)
2017-07-20Approach to Anaemia in the EDS. Taylor
2017-06-29Emergency ObstetricsLouise Farrell (O&G)
2017-06-29PV bleedingRobbins
2017-06-22Infection Control in the EDGaby Hutchinson
2017-06-22Ebola / Viral Haemorrhagic FeverErcleve
2017-06-22Congenital Heart Defect Case PresentationBaker
2017-06-15Ultrasound Guided Lower Limb Nerve BlocksScop
2017-06-15Common Ear DisordersMorris
2017-06-15Rotem - A Cook's TourStevens
2017-06-08Acute Decompensated Heart FailureMoeller
2017-06-01Plaster Tips and TricksSam Duff (Ortho)
2017-06-01Hip Reduction TechniquesMedway
2017-05-25Principles of Disaster MedicineMartin
2017-05-18Dan's Soapbox 3Stevens
2017-05-18Neuropathies and MyopathiesTaylor
2017-05-18Vasculitides Emergency PresentationsHo
2017-05-11Naltrexone ImplantsSteval
2017-05-04Urology QuizCassidy
2017-04-27Pulmonary Embolism UpdateMountain
2017-04-27Spirometry in SOBSanjay Ramakrishnan
2017-04-20Dan's Soapbox 2 - What's hot in EMStevens
2017-04-20ED PsychiatryAnne O'Sullivan (Psych)
2017-03-30Penetrating Neck TraumaMartin
2017-03-16Bradycardia Assessment and ManagementAddison
2017-03-16Systematic ECG AnalysisSenasinghe
2017-03-09Chest TraumaLouis Okiwelu (CardioTx)
2017-02-23Dan's Soapbox 1 - What's hot in EMStevens
2017-02-23Visual Diagnoses in the EDRobbins
2017-02-23Hyperbaric MedicineGawthrope
2017-02-09Neuroanatomy for the Critically IllAndy Neil (SMACC Gold)
2017-02-09Burns ManagementPapini (Plastics)
2017-02-02Ultrasound in undifferntiated shockWheeler
2017-02-02CME Intro 2017/1Wheeler
2016-12-15How to presentMascarenhas
2016-12-15Emergency OphthalmologyTiki Ewing (Ophthalmology)
2016-12-08First Seizure Study SCGHJacqui Saw (Neurology)
2016-12-08Common Electrolytes AbnormalitiesMartin
2016-12-08Emergency NeuroradiologyTrudy Ross (Radiology)
2016-12-08Diabetic Emergency ManagementCheng
2016-12-01Colles' Fracture Reduction TechniquesOakes
2016-12-01Doctor or HealerMartin
2016-11-24Principles of Disaster ManagementGomes
2016-11-17CVC Insertion WorkshopMascarenhas
2016-11-03Emergency Resuscitative ThoracotomyStroud
2016-10-27Pulmonary Embolism Management OptionsSenasinghe
2016-10-27Severe Asthma ManagementLim
2016-10-20Mx of Sexual Assault Patients in the EDHelga Weaving (SARC)
2016-09-15High flow nasal cannulaRippey
2016-09-08Major Trauma Management and Trauma Team RolesMoseley
2016-09-01Mechanical CPR: evidence and issuesZahoor
2016-09-01Use of bedside ultrasound in shock: RUSH protocolStevens
2016-09-01ECMO for Cardiac Arrest (ECLS)Phillips
2016-08-25End of Life Discussions in EDNandadewa
2016-08-25Subarachnoid haemorrhage assessment and investigationOakes
2016-08-25Assessment and Management of Patients with Eating Disorders in the EDLisa Miller (Psych)
2016-08-11REACT 2 Trial: Pan-Scan vs Selective Scan in Blunt TraumaPlint
2016-08-11How to make an inpatient referralCheng
2016-08-04CME Intro 2016/2Wheeler
2016-08-04Facial TraumaKunchur / Watts (Plastics)
2016-07-07First Seizure ED ManagementJacqui Saw (Neurology)
2016-06-30Performance Under Pressure WorkshopMark Oostergo and Philip Temby - "Executive Functions"
2016-06-23Healthy Antimicrobial Prescribing Initiative (HAPI)Danny Soo (Pharmacy)
2016-06-16Anu's Monthly EM Wrap 4Mascarenhas
2016-06-16Facial TraumaLajevardi (Plastics)
2016-06-09Acute AF with Tachycardia in ED MxSwift
2016-06-09Endocrine EmergenciesKnausenberger
2016-06-02Joint DislocationsHay
2016-06-02Hyperbaric MedicineGawthrope
2016-05-26Disaster Managment PrinciplesWinton
2016-05-19Recognition and diagnosis of pseudoneurological syndromesEquid
2016-05-12Cervical Spine Trauma ImagingJuliana Tsuruta (Radiol)
2016-05-12Common withdrawal syndromes and managementPlint
2016-05-05Traumatic PneumothoraxMorris
2016-04-28NIV in Acute Exacerbation of COPDFraser Brims (Resp)
2016-04-14ECMO in Cardiac ArrestIliff
2016-04-14Tachyarrhythmia ManagementFonseka
2016-04-07Updates on Traumatic Brain InjuryJoseph Shiber
2016-03-31Toxicology and the ECGSteval
2016-03-31SCGH ED Dental KitMoseley
2016-03-24Procedural SedationWinton
2016-03-24Delayed Sequence IntubationStroud
2016-03-17Noninvasive Cardiac Testing for ACSCrawford
2016-03-17ECG InterpretationTuohy
2016-03-10Principles of Damage Control ResuscitationSenasinghe
2016-02-25Investigation of PE in PregnancyBadawy
2016-02-25REBOA: Who, What, Why?Deborah Stein (SMACC 2015)
2016-02-18EFAST ExaminationStevens
2016-02-18Stress Inoculation TrainingMason
2016-02-18Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax StudyErcleve
2016-02-18SCGH ED Ultrasound Service 2016.1Wheeler
2016-02-11Burns ManagementLiz Wharton (Burns Specialist)
2016-02-11SCGH Wound Care Products and Genreal AdviceNicole Walsh (Wound Manaement NP)
2016-02-04Heat Related IllnessEquid
2016-02-04Electrical InjuriesSteval
2016-02-04CME Intro 2016/1Wheeler
2016-01-28The history of medical ethics in research and its relation to clinical practiceErcleve
2016-01-28Medical reports and evidence in criminal trialsLaura Christian (DPP)
2016-01-21Emergent DeliveryStevens
2016-01-21Effective Decision MakingCassidy
2016-01-14Paediatric Procedural SedationRana
2016-01-14Paediatric RashesKophamel
2015-12-17Maxillofacial TraumaMoseley
2015-12-17Idarucizumab for dabigatran reversal: Clinical in-serviceMartin Rees (Boehringer Ingelheim)
2015-12-10Hyperglycaemia (new), DKA / HHS (pending) Guidelines and Mx RecordsJoey Kaye
2015-12-10Hypokalaemia and Hyponatraemia Acute MxKophamel
2015-12-03Urethral and Bladder Traumatic InjuryRana
2015-11-05Urethral and Bladder Traumatic InjuryNandadewa
2015-11-05Emergency Resuscitative ThoracotomyMason
2015-10-29Pneumothorax ManagementSteval
2015-10-22Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry and the LawHussain (Psych)
2015-10-22TC's Emergency Medicine Wrap Up 5Cassidy
2015-10-08Trauma ResuscitationMoseley
2015-10-01Mark Little - Could this be poison? (SMACC 2014)Mark Little
2015-10-01Pharmacy Services in SCGH EDDanny Soo (Pharmacy)
2015-09-24Muscle Relaxants: Sux vs RocMcIlroy
2015-09-17Bradyarrhythmia ManagementIllif
2015-09-10NOAC's in the EDWahl
2015-09-10Challenging Ventilation Dogma (for ED)Luke Torre (ICU)
2015-09-03Weingart on the essence of critical care (SMACC 2013)Weingart
2015-09-03Reid on dogmalysis in resuscitation (SMACC 2014)Reid
2015-09-03TC's Emergency Medicine Wrap Up 5Cassidy
2015-08-20Management of sexual assault in the EDJolly
2015-08-06SCGH ED Ultrasound ServiceWheeler
2015-08-06CME Introduction 2015.2Wheeler
2015-07-30ED Perspective on Life Threatening Exercised-Associated Hyponatraemia (EAH)Ian Rogers
2015-07-23TC's Emergency Medicine Wrap Up 4Cassidy
2015-07-23Electrical InjuriesEquid
2015-06-25TC's Emergency Medicine Wrap Up 3Cassidy
2015-06-11Renal Medicine for the Emergency TraineeAnoushka Krishnan (Renal)
2015-05-28TC's Emergency Medicine Wrap Up 2Cassidy
2015-05-21Acute Ischaemic Stroke Mx at SCGH ED UpdateAss Prof David Blacker (Neuro)
2015-05-21Steve Smith: Subtle ECG Signs of Ischaemia (SMACC Gold 2014)Wheeler (Steve Smith)
2015-05-21Anaphylaxis Dx and MxSteval
2015-05-07Management of Macroscopic HaematuriaZahoor
2015-04-30TC's ED Medicine Wrap Up 1Cassidy
2015-04-30Management options in massive and submassive pulmonary embolismBurbridge-King
2015-04-23Imaging in Chest TraumaRadiology Fellow (Prasant)
2015-04-23Restraint Options in the Agitated PatientMoore
2015-04-16Spinal Cord InjuriesFergie
2015-04-16SCGH Renal Colic Protocol (in development)Lim
2015-04-09Ultraound guided vascular access practical sessionWheeler/Rippey/Prince
2015-04-02ANZ ED Airway RegistryAllely
2015-04-02Blood Gas AnalysisWinton
2015-03-26Procedural SedationDonaghy
2015-03-26CT Evaluation of the Acute AbdomenRadiology Fellow (Duleeka)
2015-03-19Massive Transfusion in TraumaPrince
2015-03-19Emergency Management of Penetrating Abdominal TraumaMoore
2015-03-12SCGH ED Chest Pain PathwayRippey
2015-03-12Management of BradycardiaStevens
2015-03-12Systematic ECG AnalysisMedway
2015-03-05Airway Workshop 2015/1Wheeler
2015-02-26Significance of pupillary dilatation in head traumaBurbrdige_king
2015-02-26Radiology - Imaging in head traumaRadiology Fellow
2015-02-26Opioid free ED?Zahoor
2015-02-19EFAST - a how to guideKophammel
2015-02-19SCGH ED US ServiceWheeler
2015-02-12Electricity and Electrical InjuriesTurner
2015-01-29Emergency related cardiac pacemaker & ICD issuesDe Vries
2015-01-22PV bleeding and Pain in Early PregnancyWheeler / Hay
2015-01-22Obstetric Resources at SCGH EDRosenberg
2014-12-18Pre-Hopsital Disaster Mass Casualty SimulationChiu / Martin / Downie
2014-12-11Pharyngitis Assessment & ManagementMcAllister
2014-12-11Radiology of the Head and C-spineDr Ranieri Falcão Aguiar (Radiology)
2014-12-04Neuroanatomy for the Critical IllAndy Neill (Wheeler)
2014-12-04Antiplatelets and anticoagulation in AMIColliss
2014-12-04Emergent HaemodialysisTembo
2014-11-27Paediatric FracturesOakes
2014-11-27Interesting Case - Non-accidental injuryScop
2014-11-27Paediatric RashesBaker
2014-11-20Shoulder Dislocation and ReductionCorden
2014-11-20Hip Dislocation ManagementZahoor
2014-11-13TIA risk stratificationStevens
2014-11-06Alcohol related presentations to the EDHanson
2014-10-30Renal colic investigation and managementGoodwin
2014-10-23Blood Gas AnalysisWinton
2014-10-16Medical Clearance of the Psychiatric PatientGuha
2014-10-09Blood TransfusionRebecca Howman (Haem)
2014-10-09Emergency ThoracotomyIliff
2014-10-09Transfusion ReactionsMcVeigh
2014-10-02Syncope AssessmentDe Vries
2014-09-25Options for Outpatient Cardiac InvestigationKophamel
2014-09-25Cervical Spine Injury Trauma ScenarioMartin
2014-09-18Procedural Sedation and AnalgesiaMuir
2014-09-11Airway Workshop 2014/2Wheeler
2014-09-04Ultrasound in ShockMascarenhas
2014-09-04Measles in Western AustraliaSharon Nowrojee
2014-08-28Traumatic ArrestMcAllister
2014-08-28Damage Control ResuscitationWheeler
2014-08-21Systematic ECG InterpretationMcPherson
2014-08-14Post-intubation ManagementTembo
2014-08-14Bicarbonate use in cardiac arrest and shockMoore
2014-08-14ACLS and BeyondChiu
2014-08-07SCGH ED CME Intro 2014/2Wheeler
2014-08-07US Guided Vascular Access MasterclassHay/Wheeler
2014-08-07SCGH ED Ultrasound ServiceWheeler
2014-07-31When to stop resuscitation?Stevens
2014-07-31Pelvic Trauma ScenarioChiu / Martin
2014-07-24SCGH ED Xmas in July QuizVal Turner
2014-07-24Tackling the Opioid Problem, Analgesic Prescribing in the Emergency DepartmentBrad Lawther (APS)
2014-07-17Dematological EmergenciesYap
2014-07-10Shoulder Reduction TechniquesChiu
2014-07-10Imaging in Chest TraumaRanieri Falcão Aguiar
2014-07-10Paraneoplastic SyndromesRuchi
2014-07-03Legal Issues in Emergency MedicineWinton
2014-07-03Trauma: Emergency ThoracotomyChiu
2014-06-19Macroscopic HaematuriaStuart Downie (Surgical)
2014-06-19M&M - Airway IssuesAllely
2014-06-12Head and Cervical Spine ImagingRanieri Falcão Aguiar
2014-06-12Medical mangement of upper GI bleedingMcPherson
2014-06-12Ascending Cholangitis ManagementIliff
2014-06-05ED Eye PresentationsCaroline Lim (Opthalmology)
2014-06-05ENT EmergenciesDiana Harbuz (ENT)
2014-05-29Complications of renal dialysisChinnadurai
2014-05-29Endocrine EmergenciesChan
2014-05-22Plaster Tips & GuidesPlaster Tech
2014-05-22Septic ArthritisDawson
2014-05-22Disaster MedicineSwift
2014-05-15Amphetamine related presentations to the EDTaylor
2014-05-15Retrieval Medicine in Western AustraliaYaman
2014-05-15Imaging in acute abdominal painRadiology Fellow
2014-05-08The art of observation in medicineLong
2014-05-08TIA investigation and management in the EDJim Fleet (Neuro)
2014-05-01Adrenal disease in the EDKophammel
2014-05-01ECG manifestations of drug overdoseRuchti
2014-05-01Maxillofacial TraumaMartin
2014-04-24Oesophageal Rupture "Pub Quiz"Chiu
2014-04-24Male Genitourinary TraumaMcAllister
2014-04-17Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) & AF Case ReportWheeler/Hay
2014-04-17Pneumothorax managementStevens
2014-04-17IV Fluid Choice - an ICU perspectiveChan
2014-04-10Hand injury assessmentHay
2014-04-10Management of spinal traumaMcPherson
2014-04-10Mangement of the aggressive patientVlad
2014-04-03Pelvic Fracture Trauma ScenarioWinton
2014-03-27Hyponatraemia case reportScop
2014-03-27ALS - now and the futureChiu
2014-03-27High Sensitivity TroponinOakes
2014-03-20CBR Disaster ManagementSchleuter / Chiu
2014-03-13Procedural SedationMcIlroy
2014-03-06Damage Control ResuscitationWheeler
2014-03-06Emergency ThoracotomyCorden
2014-02-20Post intubation care in the EDFergie
2014-02-20Ionotrope and vasopressor use in the EDOakes
2014-02-20Radiation risksRadiology Fellow
2014-02-13"A talk wihin a talk": How to give a CME presentationChui
2014-02-13Vestibular assessment from the physiotherapy perspectiveBronwyn Kaiser (Physio)
2014-02-06SCGH ED CME Intro 2014Wheeler
2014-02-06SCGH ED Ultrasound ServiceWheeler
2014-01-30"How to be a Hero" by Cliff ReidCliff Reid / Wheeler
2014-01-30New Oral Anticoagulants (NOAC) WATAG GuidelinesYap
2014-01-23Metacognition: All Doctors are JackassesChris Nickson / Wheeler
2014-01-23Therapeutic Hypothermia - Current EvidenceOwen
2014-01-23DKA management updateWahl
2014-01-16Sexual Assault and SARCTaylor / McDonnell
2014-01-16Legal Issues in Emergency MedicineWinton
2014-01-16Vestibular and Vertigo AssessmentJim Fleet (Neurology)
2013-12-19Disaster ManagementSchlueter
2013-12-19Medical Clearance of the Psychiatric PatientWahl
2013-12-12Massive Upper GI Haemorrhage MxMuir
2013-12-12Hand InjuriesNathan Stewart (Plastics)
2013-12-12C-spine ImmobilisationTaylor
2013-12-05Acute Visual LossSendhil Somasundaran (Ophth)
2013-12-05Hip Dislocations ManagementFerguson
2013-12-05CT coronary angiography (CTCA)Sean Lim (Radiology)
2013-11-28Contrast Induced NephropathyMoore
2013-11-28Oxylog 3000 Tips and TricksSmedley
2013-11-21Code Sepsis ProtocolKane Guthrie
2013-11-21Endocrine ConundrumBK
2013-11-14Paediatric RashesBaker
2013-11-14Ultrasound guided nerve blocksMcDonnell
2013-11-14Local anaesthetics options and issuesWahl
2013-11-07Retrieval Medicine and Disaster ManagementYaman
2013-11-07Radiology: Chest ImagingSean Lim (Radiology)
2013-10-31M & M - CAL / PEAMartin
2013-10-31Angioedema Dx and MxColliss
2013-10-24Compartment SyndromeOwen
2013-10-24Changes to ACEM TrainingWinton
2013-10-24Emerging Illicit Drugs of AbuseVlad
2013-10-24Burns ManagmentNathan Stewart (Plastics)
2013-10-17Thoracostomy indications and optionsMascarenhas
2013-10-17Management of PriapismYap