SIM Training


  • For Registrars: Every Monday & Friday, 08:00- 09:00, Trauma Bay T1 (depending on availability)
  • For RMO’s: Every Tuesday 08:00-09:00, Trauma Bay T1 (depending on availability)


  • Monday & Friday: The two “Team Registrars rostered for that morning plus other available allied health staff
  • Tuesday – the two team RMO’s rostered for that morning, and the intern (not in the Ob’s ward)


  • These are interdisciplinary real-time simulation sessions that are designed to allow you to put your theory into practice in a safe supportive environment
  • These sessions will also allow the opportunity to practice procedural skills and crisis resource management
  • Topics include:
    • VF Arrest: Post resus care
    • Refractory VT & AF with WPW
    • Sepsis EGDT
    • GI bleed & major haemorrhage
    • Cardiac tamponade & pericardiocentesis
    • Digoxin toxicity/TCA overdose
    • MDAM & hyponatraemia
    • Local anaesthetic toxicity
    • Anaesthetic CICV
    • Hyperkalaemia & compartment syndrome
    • Thyroid storm
    • Asthma
    • Floppy baby & complex febrile convulsion
    • Eclampsia & neonatal resus
    • Paeds: SIDS & breaking bad news

SIM Teaching Resources:

  • Lessons from the Bromiley Case from LITFL
    • A real case, of a real patient, Elaine Bromiley, who died because of numerous factors. Her husband Martin is an airline pilot, who had a background in human factors. Elaine and Martin’s story is such a tragedy, but it is an integral part of the evolution of simulation training in our field of critical care. If haven’t seen this before, please set aside 14 minutes in your busy schedule. This is a must-see for anyone who works in critical care, or even health care in general!