ACEM Primary Resources

ACEM: Primary Examination page Includes information about the exam, dates, fees, educational resources and a link to the training and examination handbook

LITFL – ACEM Primary Exam Great resource that includes general information about the exam, an archive of past questions, and links to other useful sites

Basic Science in Clinical Context

Other Resources
  • Demweb Wiki originally set up by Dr Ray Siauw, registrar at the Royal Hobart Hospital’s Emergency Department, containing useful resources of ACEM trainees sitting their primary exam
  • iMeducate – ACEM Primary Exam A source of over 1000 MCQ’s relevant to the ACME Primary Exam
  • Rockhampton Hospital ED Primary Exam Resources As above – contains a great source of MCQ’s (with answers!) categorised by subject
  • “This site allows you to sort the vivas by both topic and year – and provides some handy resources for viva study”. Home to 1378 vivas. This website is put together by Luke O’Connor, ED Trainee, Wellington, NZ.
  • ER Exam is the brainchild of Dr Srigala Nagarajan and Dr Rajan Kailainathan (2014 & 2015 successful candidates) with the goal of producing a structured way to study and pass the ACEM primary exam based on the 22 week primary exam schedule designed by Dr Tim Harraway from the Gold Coast Hospital Emergency Department. This site includes summarised notes in each subject for each week of the 22 week study schedule and the Primary Pharmacopia (pharmacological summaries of commonly used drugs)

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  1. We also have an online bank of over 5000 questions specifically for the ACEM part 1 written exam – take a look and try the demo over at
    Best of luck!

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