Toxicology Resources

Here are some useful toxicology links:

  • The Western Australian Poisons Information Centre (WAPIC) Ph: 131126 (24 hour phone advice service)
  • LITFL Toxicology Library
    • A fantastic developing toxicological resource including podcasts, video lectures, toxicology in basic science clinical context (BSCC) tutorials and more….Check it out!
      • Tox Tutes – 10-30 minute podcasts with toxicologists from around the globe, discussing how to manage the poisoned patient from the initial resuscitation to ongoing care on ICU.
      • Toxicology BSCC – tutorials covering the Basic Science in Clinical Context with pharmacology basics for the part 1 exam and also the clinical science behind drug actions and therapy concepts.
      • Tox Conundrums -Want to jump in and test your brain, here is the list of toxicology conundrums to pit your wits against.
      • Toxicology basics: How to manage the poisoned patient, snake bite, plants, toxidromes and interpretation of the toxic VBG and ECG.
      • Toxicant: The umbrella term for a toxic substance. However, in popular usage it denotes substances produced by humans e.g. cocaine; in contrast to toxins, which are toxicants produced naturally by a living organism.
      • Antidotes: Chemical management for ingested toxicants and toxins.
      • Toxins: (envenomings) – naturally produced toxicants produced within living cells or organisms. They are capable of causing disease on contact with or absorption by body tissues.
      • Anti-venom: Need some black or brown antivenom or just want to see what the debate about redback spider antivenom is all about.
      • Tox Resources – the best of PIC and #FOAMed toxicology and toxinology resources on the web
  • ToxTalk
  • The Poison Review
  • Twin Cities Toxicology
  • Toxinz via SCGH Library (need to use your hospital login)
  • Therapeutic Guidelines via SCGH Library (need to use your hospital login)

Toxicology posts on this website:

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