Emergency Department Prescription and Recreational Drug Screening Trial 12/2015

From Tuesday 1st December 2015 all patients seen in the main department should have a drug and alcohol screening form (see below). You can find these forms on the resus coordinator and assessment coordinator desks, as well as in Obs ward.  The purpose of this form is to give us a better idea of presentations that are related to alcohol and drugs, and also to make it easier for the D&A nurses to find out which patients they need to see, or to follow up if they presented after hours.

The form has to be filled in for all patients either by the treating doctor or nurse.  After you complete the form, please place it in the Toxicology boxes (on in the main ED and one in Obs ward).

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve the form or process, please contact Ioana or Etza.

The Form: [PDF]

The Poster:

drug and alcohol promo poster IV
Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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