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Bier Block

SCGHED Guideline 3 340
Charlie’s ED Bier Block Guideline [PDF] Date implemented – 06/2019 Review date – 06/2022 Author – NP Nuria O’Mahony, Dr Jason Armstrong

Femoral Nerve Block Procedural Guideline

SCGHED Guideline 3 340
Femoral Nerve Block Procedural Guideline [PDF] The Explanatory Video: The Procedural Video: Useful Links: NYSORA – Ultrasound-Guided Femoral Nerve Block Date implemented – 03/2019Review date – nil plannedAuthor – Elliot Smith / Fionn O Laoire / Michael Bogseth / James…

SCGH Trauma Call Criteria Updated 11/2017

SCGHED Guideline 4 340
Here is the current ED and Major Trauma Call Criteria for SCGH ED Note: All Major Trauma Calls should be attended by representative staff from ICU, Anaesthetics and General Surgery, aswell as the relevant Emergency Department staff. This document can…