SCGH ED Disaster Management Resources

SCGH ED Emergency Procedure Manuals:

  • Located next to the ED X-ray Room
SCGH Disaster Management Plan Location1
SCGH Disaster Management Plan Location2

SCGH ED Disaster Equipment (Airway / Breathing / Circulation):

  • This equipment is located opposite the ED Admin on the ground floor next to the Gold Lifts
    • Note: some staff members swipe cards can access this room – but, if yours does not, then there is a “Disaster Swipe Card” with the Clerk on the flight deck that will:

Other Resources:

  • DPMU WebEOC Login
    • WebEOC is the Department of Health’s crisis information management system. WebEOC provides secure real-time information sharing about an incident, enabling staff within an operations centre to improve coordination of a response.
    • The duty consultant will be instructed to log into WebEOC by the Disaster Preparedness and Management Unit (DPMU) if the department is involved in the management of an external disaster (Code Brown).
    • Username and password contained on the top the computer at the trauma bay end of flight deck:
Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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