Resuscitation / Trauma Team Roles

Here is a list of team members that form part of a resuscitation / trauma team. Click on the titles to see a list of duties assigned to each of these roles.

These documents are soon to be found on the walls of the trauma bays (T1 & T2).

This documentation is adapted from that produced by Dr James Rippey’s for the WA Country Health Service (WACHS).


Medical Team Leader:

Medical Team Leader

Airway Doctor

Airway Doc

Doctor 1 (IV, breathing, procedures)

Doctor 1 (IV, breathing, procedures)

Doctor 2 (IV access, bloods, circulation)

Doctor 2 (IV, bloods, circulation)


Nursing Resuscitation Coordinator

Nursing Resucitation Team Leader

Airway Nurse

Airway Nurse

Circulation Nurse

Circulation Nurse

Runner / Procedure Nurse

Runner : Procedure Nurse

Date implemented – 4/2015
Review date – 4/2017
Author – James Rippey

Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

Emergency Physician, SCGH, WA, Australia

Articles: 499

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