Mental Health Catchment Areas

SCGH Mental Health Catchment Areas:

  • This list includes the catchment areas that we accept for assessment at SCGH
  • Note that this list is a combined list that includes all patients that would normally be referred to Graylands (from Subiaco, Osborne & Mirrabooka CMH) aswell as SCGH (Inner City CMH)
Mental Health SCGH catchment areas 1:2016

NMHS Mental Health Catchment Areas:

  • This is divided into four areas
    • City
      • Inner City CMH – SCGH
      • Subiaco CMH – Graylands Hospital
    • Stirling
      • Osborne CMH – Graylands Hospital
      • Mirrabooka CMH – Graylands Hospital
    • Swan
      • Swan CMH – Midland Health Campus
    • Joondalup
      • Joondalup CMH – Joondalup Hospital
      • Clarkson CMH – Joondalup Hospital
Mental Health Catchment Areas (single A4)

Statewide Mental Health Catchment Areas:

  • An all inclusive list (Click to open full list) – to be used to guide appropriate referral of SMHS / country area patients
Allocation-Area Code Nov 2015

Date implemented – 3/2021
Review date – 2/2019
Author – Allely / Ercleve / Wheeler / Psych

Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

Emergency Physician, SCGH, WA, Australia

Articles: 498

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