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Paracetamol Poisoning

SCGHED Education Toxicology 340

Information contained on this page is to assist in the investigation and management of patients with suspected paracetamol poisoning Click on the below image to link to the 2015 guidelines for the management of paracetamol poisoning in Australia and New Zealand.…

CME: Toxidromes

SCGHED Education Toxicology 340

Here is Claire’s talk on toxidromes. Resources: Toxidromes from LITFL Toxicology Guidelines (onsite access only) Physical Exam Summary of Findings:

CME 04/12/14 – Emergent Haemodialysis

Here is Jonathan’s talk on emergent haemodialysis and how to identify patients that may require peritoneal dialysis. Resources: Haemodialysis Modes – Pro’s and Con’s from LITFL Indications for Emergent Haemodialysis (Mnemonic = AEIOU): Acidosis (Metabolic) if severe / refractory to…