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CME 11/05/17 – Naltrexone Implants

Here is Andy’s talk on naltrexone implants, some of the evidence for their use, and their issues in the emergency department. Resources: SCGH Alcohol and Drug Service (ADS) – (Intranet link) SCGH Opiate Withdrawal Chart: References: Naltrexone implants after in-patient treatment for…

CME: Common Toxidromes

SCGHED Education Toxicology 340

Here’s Sinead’s talk on toxidrome. Resources: Toxidromes by Claire Plint 11/2015 Toxidromes from LITFL Toxicology Guidelines (onsite access only) Physical Exam Summary of Findings:

CME 12/05/16 – Common withdrawal syndromes and management

Here is Claire’s talk on the management of common withdrawal syndromes. Resources: Baclofen for alcohol withdrawal syndrome, Cochrane Review 4/2015 Lyon JE et al. Treating alcohol withdrawal with oral baclofen: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. J Hosp Med. 2011 Oct;6(8):469-74.

Lithium Toxicity Management

SCGHED Education Toxicology 340

This guideline for the management of lithium toxicity should be used as an adjunct to the advice of the Clinical Toxicologist on call as well as the Toxicology Handbook. [PDF Guideline] Date implemented – 4/2016 Review date – 4/2019 Author…

CME 31/03/16 – Toxicology and the ECG

SCGHED Education Toxicology 340

Here is Andy’s talk on the ECG changes seen with certain drug overdoses. Resources: Vera’s previous CME talk “ECG Manifestations of  Drug Overdose” 5/2014 ECG in Toxicology from LITFL ECG changes in TCA Overdose from LITFL Cardiotoxic Drugs from WikiTox…