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Radiology Procedure for Imaging Pregnant Patients

The aim of this Operational Directive is to provide all medical imaging staff employed by the Department of Health, Metropolitan Health Services, and WA Country Health Service with a consistent procedure when conducting a diagnostic imaging radiology procedure on a…
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CME 25/02/16 – Ix of Suspected PE in Pregnancy

Investigation of suspected pulmonary embolism in pregnancy from SCGH ED CME Here is Chantelle’s talk on investigation of suspected PE in pregnancy. Resources: “Diagnostic Imaging Pathyways Pulmonary Embolism Pregnancy” Department of Helath WA (DOHWA) October 2013: “An Official American Thoracic…
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Obstetric patients at SCGH

Here is the current advice on how and when to contact O&G services at KEMH for advice / review of pregnant patients presenting to this hospital Please see below memo regarding management of antenatal patients at SCGH Until further notice…
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CME 21/01/16 – Emergent Delivery

Emergent Delivery from SCGH ED CME Here is Dan’s talk on emergent delivery. Resources: SCGH ED Birth Algorithm SCGH ED Obstetrics Orientation Resources webpage