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Here is the SCGH ED Suspected Sepsis Triage Screening Tool NOTE: A senior emergency doctor is contacted directly by the nursing staff (usually from triage) when a patient meeting the appropriate criteria are identified. Triage Screening Tool: Other Resources: Here are…
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CME 17/4/14 – IV Fluid Choice: an ICU Perspective

IV Fluid Choice – An ICU Perspective from SCGH ED CME Here is Vincent’s talk on IV fluid therapy. Fluids in Sepsis: Here is a link to the full 2012 Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidleines and below are their recommendations regarding fluid…
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CME 20/02/14 – Ionotrope and vasopressor use in the ED

Ionotropes and vasopressor use in the ED from SCGH ED CME Here is Ros’ talk. Some other interesting links: EMCrit Podcast 107 – Peripheral Vasopressor Infusions and ExtravasationEMCrit Podcast 6 – Push-Dose PressorsA great summary of the actions of various vasoactive agents from Critical…
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