CME: IV Fluid Choice: an ICU Perspective

Here is Vincent’s talk on IV fluid therapy.

Fluids in Sepsis:

Here is a link to the full 2012 Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidleines and below are their recommendations regarding fluid therapy:

G. Fluid Therapy of Severe Sepsis

1. Crystalloids as the initial fluid of choice in the resuscitation of severe sepsis and septic shock (grade 1B).

2. Against the use of hydroxyethyl starches for fluid resuscitation of severe sepsis and septic shock (grade 1B).

3. Albumin in the fluid resuscitation of severe sepsis and septic shock when patients require substantial amounts of crystalloids (grade 2C).

4. Initial fluid challenge in patients with sepsis-induced tissue hypoperfusion with suspicion of hypovolemia to achieve a minimum of 30 mL/kg of crystalloids (a portion of this may be albumin equivalent). More rapid administration and greater amounts of fluid may be needed in some patients (grade 1C).

5. Fluid challenge technique be applied wherein fluid administration is continued as long as there is hemodynamic improvement either based on dynamic (eg, change in pulse pressure, stroke volume variation) or static (eg, arterial pressure, heart rate) variables (UG).

Here is another perspective from Paul Marik via EMCrit  “Fluids in sepsis, a new paradigm”  and below is a summary flow diagram of his approach:


…..and here is Kane’s previous talk at SCGHED CME “Code Sepsis”

Here is a useful chart that Vincent included in his talk on the compositions of various IV fluids:

IV Fluid Compositions

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