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CME: Thrombectomy in Stroke

SCGHED Education 3 340
Here is Michael’s review of the recently released thrombectomy in stroke data. Resources: Current SCGH Stroke Call Pathway – 11/2017 Acute Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) Stroke: Emergency Clot Removal Information Sheet – 5/2017 HERMES – Endovascular thrombectomy after large-vessel ischaemic stroke: a meta-analysis…

CME: Vertigo

SCGHED Education 1 340
Here is Emma’s talk on vertigo. Thankyou to Brodie for coming in to demonstrate some therapeutic techniques used by our fantastic Care Coordination Team. Resources: Vertigo Diagnostic Table developed by Bronwyn Kaiser (CCT):

Seizure Guideline

SCGHED Guideline 1 340
Here is the seizure management guideline developed by Leanne Hartnett and Tor Ercleve in 2009 Pharmacological Management: Date implemented – 09/2009 Revision date – currently being revised Author – Leanne Hartnett, Tor Ercleve, Isabella Taylor (Neurology)

CME 08/12/16 – First Seizure Study SCGH

Here is Jacqui’s update on first seizure management at SCGH. Resources: CME talk 07/2016 “First Seizure ED Management” from Jacqui Saw (Neurology) First Seizures in Adults – a great summary by Heather Angus-Leppan, consultant neurologist, in the BMJ 4/2014 FSH ED Seizure…

FSH ED Seizure Guideline

Pending the arrival of the updated SCGH ED Seizure Guideline being developed by Neurology SCGH, we have been asked to follow the FSH ED Seizure Guideline below (with thanks to those who have developed this document): SCGH First Seizure and Established Epilepsy:…