Neurology Rapid Access Clinic – Referral Pathway

The Neurology Rapid Access Clinic (NRAC) will commence 3/7/23.

This clinic has opened with the intent of diverting patient’s with symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of a Transient Ischaemic Attack from hospital admission for investigation and having them worked up in an expedited fashion as an outpatient. ED will now be able to clinically assess patients, organise appropriate initial investigations (including a CT/CTA) and then discharge them to be seen in the clinic, ideally within less than a week. They can be referred via eReferral.

Please see the attached pathway for information on patient selection criteria. The referral should be for only clear TIA’s, other undifferentiated neurological patients should continue as usual and be seen by the neurology registrar in ED – who may then self-refer to the NRAC for follow-up if appropriate.

The patients will need to go home with a patient information sheet / ED will request an outpatient MRI for these patients. The MRIs do not need to be discussed with NIISWA and can just be sent in the chute to MRI. Information sheets and pre-protocolled MRI requests on the flight deck near the SJA fax (see attached picture below).

The full clinic model of care is also available here:

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Dr James Wheeler

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