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CME: Paediatric Fractures

SCGHED Education Paediatrics 340

Here is Ros’s talk on paediatric fractures. Resources: Salter Harris Classification of fractures involving the epiphyseal (growth) plate: Paediatric Elbow Injury Videos: PMH Fracture Management Guidelines

CME 16/04/15 – Spinal Cord Injuries

Here is Alex’s talk on spinal cord injuries. Resources: Emma McVeigh’s Trauma Grand Round presentation 14/04/2015 “Spinal Trauma: The Legend of the C-Spine Collar” Nola’s talk at CME on 10/4/2014 “Management of Spinal Trauma” Colleen’s talk at CME on 12/12/2013 “Cervical…

Head injury

SCGHED Guideline 1 340

This guideline is intended to help guide the appropriate assessment and management of patients presenting to the emergency department with head injury SCGH ED Head Injury Imaging Guideline: Concussion: Updated guidelines for the management of sports-related concussion in general practice.…