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Arthrocentesis (joint aspiration)

SCGHED Guideline 3 340
A general guideline containing information on indications / contraindications / procedural technique relating to joint aspiration   The principles of anaesthetic administration and use of an aseptic technique are similar for all joints, but the anatomical landmarks for the site…

Lumbar puncture

SCGHED Guideline 2 340
A guide to indications / contraindications / procedural technique related to performing a lumbar puncture Lumbar puncture is a potentially uncomfortable procedure that must not be rushed. It is essential to position the patient correctly and take your time. Indications…


Below is a circular from the Communicable Disease Control Directorate (CDCD) WA regarding information pertaining to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Cronavirus (MERS-CoV) afor Emergency Departments & Hosptials 6/2015 Date implemented – 06/2015 Revision date – 06/2018 Author – Dr Paul Armstrong…

Bleeding on New Oral Anticoagulants

Here is an excert from the WATAG NOAC Prescribing Guidelines 04/2016 relating to the management of bleeding with New Oral Anticoagulants (NOAC’s) Other Resources: WA New Oral Anticoagulants Prescribing Guidelines – complete document (04/2016) Date implemented – 04/2016 Review date – 04/2019 Author…

Transfusion Reaction Algorithm

Here is the SCGH transfusion manual transfusion reaction algorithm SCGH transfusion manual – transfusion reaction algorithm: Other Resources: SCGH Transfusion Service Policy Manual (intranet link) Date implemented – 11/2015 Review date – 11/2018 Author – Transfusion medicine SCGH

Febrile neutropaenia

SCGH management guideline for febrile neutropenia Date implemented – 05/2010 Review date – Pending (checked 2/2016) Author – David Speers (Infectious diseases) / Haematology


SCGHED Guideline 4 340
Indications Diagnostic Determine the cause of new onset ascites, ascites of unknown origin, or suspected malignant ascites Suspicion of bacterial peritonitis in a patient with known ascites with associated pyrexia, hypotension, tachycardia or encephalopathy. Therapeutic Remove excess intraperitoneal fluid to…

Diving Emergencies

This document contains general information on the assessment, management and disposition of patients presenting with suspected decompression sickness or other diving related emergencies INTRODUCTION Fiona Stanley Hyperbaric Medicine Unit is the state referral centre for Western Australia. All diving emergencies…