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ECMO for OOHCA Guideline 04/2022

SCGHED Guideline 4 340

SCGH guideline to assist in deciding eligibility, resuscitation and the timely application of ECMO for suitable OOHCA patients. ECMO Pre-hosptial Activation Criteria ECMO Call Process Once Initiated ECMO Cannulation Workflow ECMO Room Setup Date implemented – 04/2022 Review date –…

PEG Re-Insertion Guideline

SCGHED Guideline 4 340

Here is a general guide to the emergent re-insertion of a displaced percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube. Note: in hours there is a PEG Nurse on G75 available for advice contactable on DECT phone 73677. Date implemented – 01/2009 Revision…

Seizure Guideline

SCGHED Guideline 1 340

Here is the seizure management guideline developed by Leanne Hartnett and Tor Ercleve in 2009 Pharmacological Management: Date implemented – 09/2009 Revision date – currently being revised Author – Leanne Hartnett, Tor Ercleve, Isabella Taylor (Neurology)