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Bleeding on New Oral Anticoagulants

Here is an excert from the WATAG NOAC Prescribing Guidelines 04/2016 relating to the management of bleeding with New Oral Anticoagulants (NOAC’s) Other Resources: WA New Oral Anticoagulants Prescribing Guidelines – complete document (04/2016) Date implemented – 04/2016 Review date – 04/2019 Author…

Upper GI Bleeding Protocol SCGH ED (05/2022)

SCGH protocol to assist in the assessment, management and disposition of patients presenting with suspected upper GI bleeding Glasgow-Blatchford Bleeding Score (GBS) from MDCalc Date implemented – 05/2022 Review date – 05/2023 Author – Ercleve / Steval (Note – collaborative ED/Gastro/Gen Surg/MAU/Anaesthesia/ICU)

CME 28/8/14 – Damage Control Resuscitation

Resources: Managing the Critical Bleeder!! from Kane Guthrie LITFL Permissive hypotension and related CICM SAQ & answer from Chris Nickson LITFL Haemostatic Resuscitation from Chris Nickson LITFL Permissive hyoptension – editorial from Ken Mattox TRAUMA.ORG Permissive hypotension evidence from TRAUMA.ORG Hemorrhagic Shock Resuscitation…