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CME: Procedural Sedation

SCGHED Education Paediatrics 340

Here is James’ talk on procedural sedation. Resources: ANZCA guideline on sedation/analgesia Ketofol for procedural sedation revisited: pro and con. Ann Emerg Med. 2015 ACEP Clinical Policy: Procedural Sedation and Analgesia in the Emergency Department Previous CME talks on Procedural…

Local anaesthetic infiltration

SCGHED Guideline 4 340

This guideline outlines the indications and contraindications to local anaesthetic use, a guide to LA selection, maximal doses and administration advice. Indication Local anaesthesia for painful procedures such as wound debridement, suturing, foreign body retrieval and relocation of a dislocated…

Hydromorphone use in ED

SCGHED Education Toxicology 340

Due to concerns over the high addictive potential of oxycodone, hydromorphone is preferable as a discharge analgesic for strong pain in most groups (other than the elderly where oxycodone’s stimulatory effects may be beneficial). Hydromorphone Hydromorphone intravenous and tablet form…