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CME 08/06/2017- Ketoacidoses

SCGHED Education 2 340

Here is Tim’s talk on Ketoacidoses, including an interesting case review. Resources: Previous similar CME talks: Diabetic Emergency Management by Ryan Cheng 08/2016 Endocrine Emergencies by Hannah Knausenberger 06/2016 Endocrine Emergencies by Vincent Chan 05/2014 DKA Management Update by Gareth…

CME 12/05/16 – Common withdrawal syndromes and management

Here is Claire’s talk on the management of common withdrawal syndromes. Resources: Baclofen for alcohol withdrawal syndrome, Cochrane Review 4/2015 Lyon JE et al. Treating alcohol withdrawal with oral baclofen: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. J Hosp Med. 2011 Oct;6(8):469-74.