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CME: Syncope and the ECG

SCGHED Education ECG 340

Here is Dan’s talk on syncope and the ECG. Resources: ECG Library ECG Features that suggest a potentially life-threatening arrhythmia as the cause for syncope. Joseph E. Marine. Journal of Electrocardiology Volume 46, Issue 6, November–December 2013, Pages 561-568 “Killer ECG Patterns…

CME: Dan’s Soapbox

SCGHED Education HOT 340

Here is Dan’s first monthly talk on what’s hot emergency medicine. Resources: Dr Smith’s ECG Blog Chest pain, ST elevation, and negative serial trops case

CME: Syncope, Sudden Death and the ECG

SCGHED Education ECG 340

Here is Saqib’s talk on ECG abnormalities associated with syncope and sudden death. Resources: “Killer ECG Patterns – Deadly Diagnoses Not To Miss!!” by Ed Burns Other Syncope Resources: Anne-Maries talk on Syncope Assessment 10/2014 Mo’s previous talk on Syncope Assessment…

CME 02/10/14 – Syncope Assessment

Here is Anne-Marie’s talk on the assessment of a patient presenting with syncope. Resources: Mo’s previous talk on Syncope Assessment and Management EBM 4/2014 –  “Syncope: Risk Stratification and Clinical Decision Making” – full document (need to have logged in…