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Seizure Guideline

SCGHED Guideline 1 340

Here is the seizure management guideline developed by Leanne Hartnett and Tor Ercleve in 2009 Pharmacological Management: Date implemented – 09/2009 Revision date – currently being revised Author – Leanne Hartnett, Tor Ercleve, Isabella Taylor (Neurology)

FSH ED Seizure Guideline

Pending the arrival of the updated SCGH ED Seizure Guideline being developed by Neurology SCGH, we have been asked to follow the FSH ED Seizure Guideline below (with thanks to those who have developed this document): SCGH First Seizure and Established Epilepsy:…

CME 07/07/16 – First Seizure ED Management

Here is Jacqui Saw’s talk on emergency management of a first seizure. The neurology team at SCGH are involved in a first seizure project to determine more accurately the recurrence rate / progression to epilepsy diagnosis of this patient group.…