CME 07/07/16 – First Seizure ED Management

Here is Jacqui Saw’s talk on emergency management of a first seizure. The neurology team at SCGH are involved in a first seizure project to determine more accurately the recurrence rate / progression to epilepsy diagnosis of this patient group. So please keep good notes, enter appropriate EDIS diagnoses and refer all those as necessary to the neurology OP clinic if suspected first seizure. Remember to take and document a good history of the event during the ED presentation, as this is very important in the diagnosis of a seizure disorder, and may be lost by the time of outpatient follow-up, in a few months time!


  • First Seizures in Adults – a great summary by Heather Angus-Leppan, consultant neurologist, in the BMJ 4/2014
  • FSH ED Seizure Guideline – we have been asked to use this as a guide pending the updated SCGH ED Seizure Guideline being developed by our Neurology Unit (with thanks to those who have developed this document):
FSH ED Seizure Guideline
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