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Oral opiates as discharge medications

SCGHED Guideline 3 340
If there is no other suitable analgesic medication, then oral opiate medications can be prescribed on discharge, after discussion with senior ED medical staff, but only in short courses (e.g. 20 tablets), in the immediate release form and at the…

Hydromorphone use in ED

SCGHED Education Toxicology 340
Due to concerns over the high addictive potential of oxycodone, hydromorphone is preferable as a discharge analgesic for strong pain in most groups (other than the elderly where oxycodone’s stimulatory effects may be beneficial). Hydromorphone Hydromorphone intravenous and tablet form…

Analgesia in the Emergency Department

SCGHED Guideline 4 340
This guideline outlines our approach to analgesia in the department and gives a guide to dosing of commonly used medications. ANALGESIA GUIDELINE Non-Pharmacological Methods of Pain Control Splinting Apply wood or cardboard splints if possible, using combine dressings to comfortably…