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Dislocation Management 04/2024

Here are the basic dislocation management guidelines. Thankyou Nuria for all your efforts. Date implemented – 04/2024Review date – nil plannedAuthor – Nuria O’Mahony (Nurse Practitioner) in consultation with SCGH Orthopaedic Dept and the SCGH ED Advanced Scope Physiotherapists

CME 27/10/16 – Severe Asthma Management

Here is Anthony’s talk on the management of severe asthma. Resources: LITFL Acute Severe Asthma NIV & Asthma EMRAP – C3 Asthma Summary Aug 2016 – S Swadron, M Herbert TheNNT: Quick Summaries of Evidence Based Medicine Ventilator settings in…

CME 12/05/16 – Common withdrawal syndromes and management

Here is Claire’s talk on the management of common withdrawal syndromes. Resources: Baclofen for alcohol withdrawal syndrome, Cochrane Review 4/2015 Lyon JE et al. Treating alcohol withdrawal with oral baclofen: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. J Hosp Med. 2011 Oct;6(8):469-74.