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CME 15/06/17 – Rotem

Rotem – A Cook's Tour from SCGH ED CME Here is Dan’s “Cook’s Tour” of Rote.When to use it and how to interpret, and act, on the results. Resources: ROTEM Analysis Summary from Haemoview Diagnostics Thromboelastometry guided therapy of severe…
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Bleeding on New Oral Anticoagulants

Here is an excert from the WATAG NOAC Prescribing Guidelines 04/2016 relating to the management of bleeding with New Oral Anticoagulants (NOAC’s) Other Resources: WA New Oral Anticoagulants Prescribing Guidelines – complete document (04/2016) Date implemented – 04/2016 Review date – 04/2019 Author…
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CME 10/09/15 – NOAC’s in the ED

NOACs in the ED from SCGH ED CME Here is Gareth’s talk on how to approach the Mx of patients on NOAC’s in the ED setting. Resources: NOAC’s – Talk by Carolyn Groves (Haematology) and updated Australian Guidelines 8/2014Australian Guidelines: New…
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CME 19/03/15 – Massive Transfusion in Trauma

Massive Transfusion in Trauma from SCGH ED CME Here is Gaynor’s talk on massive transfusion in trauma. Resources: Thromboelastogram (TEG) from LITFLSCGH Massive Transfusion Protocol: Additional resources to be added in the near future, when I have time….