CME: Common Ear Disorders

SCGHED Education 4 340

Here is Fergus’ talk on common ear disorders. Resources: Evaluation And Treatment Of Common Ear Complaints In The Emergency Department 2010 Summary from EB Medicine

CME 16/06/16 – Facial Trauma

Here is Sepehr’s (Plastics Registrar) presentation on facial trauma. Resources: CME talk 12/2015 “Maxillofacial Trauma” by Chris Moseley Facial Trauma from LITFL Le Fort Fracture Classification from radiopaedia Airway in Maxillofacial Trauma from LITFL Nasal Fractures from LITFL Orbital Blowout Fractures…


SCGH ED Epistaxis Management Guideline Date implemented – 06/2020 Review date – Pending Author – Jason Armstrong, Nuria O’Mahony (in consultation with ENT)

CME 11/12/14 – Pharyngitis Assessment and Management

Here is Amy’s talk on the assessment and management of acute pharyngitis. Resources: Clinical practice guideline for the diagnosis and management of group A streptococcal pharyngitis: 2012 update by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. The Australian guideline for prevention, diagnosis and…

CME: ENT Emergencies

SCGHED Education 3 340

Here are the slides from Diana’s talk on ENT emergencies. Unfortunately, I missed the majority of the talk dealing with administrative issues, so I can’t add much more from her talk than the slides given. Happy to hear about any pearls…