Emergency Obs Ward Admission Sheet (7/2016)

The “Emergency Obs Ward Admission Sheet” will be in use from Monday 4th of July 2016.

Points to remember about the Obs/EDU admission sheet:

  • Must be completed prior to the patient being allowed to be physically moved to Obs Ward ie. EDU or Obs Ward admissions (Note: only the front of the form is the admission part)
  • This also includes patients the RAT is admitting directly to the Obs ward from TL/WR
  • The nursing staff have been told to refuse to move a patient to Obs until the form is completed
  • For Tox patients returning from ICU the Tox/Obs team will complete the form at the time of review/admission into Obs
  • For patient discharges other than the Obs WR the discharge section must be completed by the doctor/nurse at the time of discharge
  • If it is a nurse led discharge the treating doctor needs to have completed the discharge summary prior to this
OBS Admission Sheet Temp 3_3 (1)_1
OBS Admission Sheet Temp 3_3 (1)_2

This form can also be found under the “Forms” section of the Resources tab on this website.

Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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