Stroke Call Criteria

Here is the current SCGH Criteria for urgent activation of the “Stroke Team”. If criteria are met, then call 55 and tell the operator “Stroke Call”, give the location and follow the rest of the protocol below.

The document below must be consulted as part of the early patient assessment by both Triage and Senior Medical staff prior to activation of a stroke call from SCGH ED.

Criteria for activation of the Stroke Team (“Stroke Call”):

SCGH: The Acute Stroke Team Composition:

Protocol for Administering Alteplase in Acute Ischaemic Stroke (pg 27)

Date implemented – 5/2016 (updated 11/2017)
Review date – 5/2019
Author – Dr David Blacker / Tor Ercleve / Peter Allely / NIISWA

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Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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