CME 09/04/15 – Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access Practical Session

Here is a reminder of things covered in this practical session:

Here is Richie’s talk on the general principles regarding procedural ultrasound.

General Tips & Tricks:

  • ALWAYS!! use a STERILE PROBE COVER to protect the patient and probe when placing US guided IVC’s
  • Make sure both yourself and the patient are in a comfortable position
    • This means placing the ultrasound machine in your direct line of sight with the patient between you and the machine – hence the ultrasound machine is usually on the opposite side of the bed to where you are placing the line

Publication of how to make your own “chicken fillet IV access phantoms”, for practice purposes, to be published soon in The Journal of Vascular Access……link to come


Videos from the above talk: Transverse (out of plane / short access) IVC insertion

Longitudinal  (in plane / long access) IVC insertion

Other Useful Videos:

Ultrasound Podcast on peripheral IVC placement:

Ultrasound Podcast on central line placement:

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine –  Academy of Emergency US Video Lectures (more here):

Looking after the Ultrasound Probe:

This video, courtesy of the Sono Cave, describes:

  • How and when to use an ultrasound probe cover
  • How to clean the transducer after day to day use
  • It also touches on how the probe should be cleaned if it comes in contact with bodily fluids
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Dr James Wheeler

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