CME 12/3/15 – SCGH ED Chest Pain Pathway

This a post containing the same information that is now contained as a permanent webpage (with the same heading) found under the ED Orientation tab of the Charlie’s ED website.

Thanks to the efforts of Assoc Prof James Rippey (in collaboration with other emergency, cardiology, general medical and clinical biochemical colleagues) here are the current (finalised 2/2015) SCGH ED STEMI and ACS pathways:

SCGH ED Code STEMI Protocol:

SCGH ED Code STEMI Protocol 24022015

COMING SOON…….. SCGH ED Code STEMI explanatory video!!

SCGH Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Assessment and Treatment Algorithm:

FINAL SCGH ED Acute Coronary Syndrome Pathway

SCGH ACS Assessment and Treatment Algorithm Explanatory Video with Assoc Prof James Rippey:

I suggest that you follow the Vimeo link and click HD to watch this in it’s full high definition glory (surround sound optional!)

SCGH ED Chest Pain Discharge Advice Sheet

Note: for Low Risk Acute Coronary Syndrome Group as determined by the above algorithm:

FINAL Low Risk Chest Pain Discharge Advice

COMING SOON……..Intermediate / Not Low Risk ACS Group Advice Sheet!!

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