CME 19/02/15 – SCGH ED US Service: What are they good for?

Here is a refresher if you have forgotten how, why and when to utilise SCGH ED US Service.

For those interested, below is a powerpoint summary of an audit done by Dr James Rippey on the SCGH ED US service. This gives an analysis of 1750 scans done over a 7 month period (from late 12/2013 to 7/2014), looking at the types of scans, pathologies identified and effect on patient management. Note, this only includes studies that we logged onto the database. And as one of the collators of this information, I will tell you that this number significantly underestimates the use of ultrasound by the SCGH ED US group. Unfortunately, to facilitate publishing on slideshare, I have had to remove the great ultrasound images and videos from the presentation.

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Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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