CME 3/4/14 – Pelvic Fracture Trauma Scenario Links

This pelvic fracture scenario was taken from LITFL Trauma Tribulation 27: Pelvic Fractures 1. Don’t forget to also look at Trauma Tribulation 28: Pelvic Fractures 2 and the LITFL post “Weingart on Pelvic Trauma”

Here is a summary of the New EAST Pelvic Trauma Guidelines from the website

Here is a great post by Peter Allely  from LITFL on management of “Genitourinary Injuries” which includes a link on “How to perform a Retrograde Urethrogram” from the trauma professionals blog

Here is a video showing application of the T-Pod pelvic binder that can be found in our Resus Bay at SCGH


Here is a image summarising the Young-Burgess mechanism based classification system for pelvic fractures (LC = lateral compression, AP = anterior posterior compression, VS = vertical shear):


Here is a good algorithm for the management of pelvic fractures:

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Dr James Wheeler

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