CME 23/1/14 Metacognition: All Doctors are Jackasses (by Chris Nickson)

Due to a programming error, I had to pull a talk out of the bag. Here is an awesome talk that Chris Nickson gave at SMACC 2013, titled “All Doctors are Jackasses”. This talk relates to clinical decision making in the ED, and how understanding how we think can assist in the avoidance of common errors in the processing of clinical information. His post “All Doctors are Jackasses” published on LITFL includes all the references.

The Video:

The Slides:

Dual Process Model of Clinical Cognition (Dr Pat Croskerry):

I encourage all who can, to attend SMACC Gold this year in the Gold Coast (19-21 of March) if at all possible. SMACC 2013 was by far the most educational and inspirational conference that I have attended.

Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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