Updated Surgical Airway Videos, by Dr Andrew Heard, RPH

SCGH ED Surgical Airway Algorithm:

For the Can’t Intubate / Can’t Oxygenate (CICO) situation

Surgical Airway Videos (by Dr Andrew Heard, RPH) – updated 12/2013

  • Cannula Cricothroidotomy
  • Cannula Comparison
  • Melker Tube Insertion – Seldinger Technique
  • Scalpel Bougie Technique
  • Cannula Cricothroidotomy – Fat Neck
  • Scalpel Technique – Fat Neck
  • Jet Ventilation

Note: At SCGH ED we do not have the LeRoy / Rapid O2 Device, we have a similar device, the Enk Oxygen Flow Modulator. This device works in a similar fashion, being attached to 15L/min wall oxygen and insufflation is achieved by occlusion of holes on both sides of the tubing by pinching between the thumb and index finger. The Enk Oxygen Flow Modulator also has a port to deliver drugs (ie. adrenaline).

Enk Oxygen Flow Modulator

Note: These videos can also be found on the Airway Orientation Resources page

Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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