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CME 12/05/16 – Cervical Spine Trauma Imaging

Cervical Spine Trauma Imaging from SCGH ED CME Here is Juliana’s presentation on imaging in cervical spine injury.   Resources: SCGH ED Cervical Spine Injury Investigation Guideline:   Diagnostic Imaging Pathway for imaging in Cervical Spine Injury from the WA…
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Radiology Procedure for Imaging Pregnant Patients

    The aim of this Operational Directive is to provide all medical imaging staff employed by the Department of Health, Metropolitan Health Services, and WA Country Health Service with a consistent procedure when conducting a diagnostic imaging radiology procedure…
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CME 12/6/14 – Head and Cervical Spine Imaging

Head and cervical spine imaging from SCGH ED CME Here is the talk by Ranieri Falcão Aguiar, Radiology Fellow, on the ordering and interpretation of head and neck imaging in the ED. Resources: DOHWA Diagnostic Imaging Pathways