New!! Blunt Dissection Chest Drain (28Fg) Insertion Pack

Here is a breakdown of the contents of the new ICC packs that are currently being stocked in the ED. These packs contain all the necessary equipment needed for the insertion of a large bore (28Fg) ICC in the one pack (apart from: the drainage bottle and tubing, gloves, local, antiseptic and appropriate ICC skin dressing):





Some more details picks (courtesy of Dr Rippey):

ICC pack

ICC pack contents1

ICC pack drape

ICC pack contents2

ICC pack contents3

ICC pack contents4

Note: insertion of the introducer! Close-up image below:

ICC pack introducer



Additional Equipment (not included in the pack, to complete the job):


Needle Thoracostomy

14G cannula (45mm, non-safety) – if needle thoracostomy required (prior to finger thoracostomy equipment being available)


antiseptic, local anaesthetic and gloves


Drainage bottle and tubing




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