SCGH Pulmonary Embolism Advanced Care Pathway 11/2015


This pathway is designed to assist in the identification of patients with submassive and massive pulmonary embolism, and to guide their referral to the appropriate specialty groups (respiratory / cardiothoracic sugery / interventional radiology) for discussion and consideration of more aggressive management.

A SENIOR EMERGENCY CLINICIAN should be involved in the assessment of all patients identified as having a potential submassive or massive PE

Note: There is a separate PE Initial Daignostic Pathway (below) that describes the appropriate investigation of patients presenting with suspected PE.


Pulmonary Embolism Treatment Algorithm NOV2015


Pulmonary Embolism Treatment Algorithm Final page 2

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Date implemented – 11/2015
Revision date – 11/2017
Authors – James Rippey / Siobhain Mulrennan


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