CME 12/12/13 Cervical Spine Immobilisation

Here is Colleen’s talk reviewing some of the evidence behind c-spine immobilisation. Without appearing too negative, here is an interesting post titled “The Curse of the Cervical Collar” which has some of the references mentioned in Colleen’s talk attached as links.

Take home messages:

  • C-spine immobilisation has become a standard of care in trauma based on limited evidence of efficacy, and may cause harm in certain patients
  • Patients placed in c-spine collars should be reviewed ASAP to determine, clinically or radiologically, whether that immobilisation should be continued – based on a case by case risk / benefit assessment
  • If requiring longterm c-spine immobilisation, then replace with a Philidelphia Collar ASAP
  • If removing c-spine immobilisation from a patient the rationale should be documented and communicated to the relevant staff / patient

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