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CME: Haemostatic Resuscitation

SCGHED Education 1 340

Here is Nahdi’s talk on haemostatic resuscitation. Resources: SCGH Major haemorrhage / Massive Transfusion Protocol – 05/2017 SCGH Resuscitation / Trauma Team Roles – 4/2015 SCGH Trauma Call Criteria – 11/2017 Dan’s talk on ROTEM – A Cook’s Tour 6/2017 Ten…

CME: Rotem

SCGHED Guideline 3 340

Here is Dan’s “Cook’s Tour” of Rote.When to use it and how to interpret, and act, on the results. Resources: ROTEM Analysis Summary from Haemoview Diagnostics Thromboelastometry guided therapy of severe bleeding   ROTEM 101 – Basic Interpretation 34min Video…