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Emergency Medicine (mainly FOAMed) Resources

I’ve been asked by several new RMO’s & Regs for good ED Resources for clinical / learning/ exams. I’ve compiled a comprehensive but by no means exhaustive list of some of the popular resources that we use. 

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EM Podcasts

Websites that provide good reviews of current literature:

Apps  / Web Pages

Most web pages can be saved onto your phone home page like an “App”.

General / Adult Emergency Med Websites / Apps

Paediatric Specific Web pages

ACEM Exam Resources

LITFL; ACEM and your DEMT should be your initial & most important resources.

Primary Exams


  • Moore – Clinically Oriented Anatomy
  • Robbins – Pathological Basis of Disease
  • Katzung – Basic & Clinical Pharmacology
  • Ganong – Review of Medical Physiology


Fellowship Exams


The first 4 texts are great overall ED resources for truly learning the job – not exclusive to exams

  • Dunn & Borland,  Emergency Medicine Manual (Yearly subscription – great up to date resource)
  • Cameron’s Adult (or Paediatric) Emergency Medicine – one off purchase with App Link to Inkling
  • Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Book
  • Murray et al, Toxicology Handbook (Written by WA SCGH/RPH et al  Toxicologists) – one off purchase with App Link to Inkling
  • Lawton, Own the ABG
  • Mattu, ECGs for Emergency Physicians
  • DeAlwis, Emergency Medicine MCQs


Emergency Medicine Courses

  • ALS Lvl 2
  • APLS
  • MIMMS Disaster Medicine
  • Trauma – ETM / TTST
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